Returns, refunds and payment methods

I have ordered the wrong product.

Please click here to view our returns policy.

Can I pay by cheque ?

Yes we do accept payment by cheque. For a complete list of all payment options, please click here to visit our payments section

Why are you asking me to provide additional proof that I am the owner of the credit/debit card ?

To protect both our Customers and OFFTEK we sometimes ask for additional information to ensure that we are delivering the goods to owner of the card. We may ask for a photocopy of your credit/debit card or a copy of your statement.

When will I receive my refund ?

Your refund will be completed within 3-5 working days after the product has been received back. Please allow an additional 2-3 working days for the refund to appear on your credit/debit statement as this is the normal length of time that your bank takes to complete the request.

What methods of payment do you accept ?

For a complete list of all payment options, please click here to visit our payments section.

How can I cancel an order ?

Please email with the title of the email as "Order Cancellation". We will then provide confirmation by email of your order cancellation.

We do try our best to assist where we can however please note that if an order has already been dispatched then please use our returns form to arrange to the item to be sent back to us. 

I want to return a product for a refund

Please click here to view our returns policy

I want to return a product for exchange

Please click here to view our returns policy

My credit/debit card has been debited but my order has not been shipped

If your credit/debit card has been debited but your order has not been shipped then there may be a number of reason as follows :-

  • Our internal systems may have indicated that the delivery address is different to the credit/debit cardholder address. To protect both the Consumer and OFFTEK, we may have asked via email for a photocopy of your credit/debit card and/or a copy of your credit card statement. Please check your emails to confirm whether you have received an email and reply accordingly.
  • The product or products that you ordered may not have been in stock at the time you placed your order. You will have been notified of any stock issues on the basket page before you placed your order. 

Why has my order not been authorized

If your order was not authorized then we will send you an email, which will normally include the expiry date provided as this is the reason why the majority of transactions are declined. Reasons for an order being declined are as follows :-

  • The expiry date provided was incorrect
  • There were insufficient funds in your account
  • Your credit/debit card issuer has temporarily "blocked" your card for security reasons. You will need to contact your card issuer to unblock your card.

The wrong product has been shipped

If you believe that the incorrect product has been dispatched then please email with all the information detailed on the label of the module you have received. We will then identify and correct the problem and send details via email.  (Please note that the information on the label and the invoice will differ).

Who pays for the return of the product.

You will need to initially view our returns/refunds policy to determine whether your product is eligible for return but to identify whether the Customer or OFFTEK pays for the return then please use the following guidelines :-

  • If we have sent the wrong product or the product is believed to be faulty then we will provide you with a Freepost Label to return the product. We will also not obviously charge for sending a replacement if required. 
  • If the items to be returned are over a certain value that requires a trackable services the cost for this will be refunded to the customers account on receipt of the parcel.  
  • If the product is ordered incorrectly or the order is no longer required then the customer will need to arrange to return the item. 

How do I return a product

Please click here to view our returns policy.

Price reduction after Order Placed

The memory market is extremely volatile and prices can and do change on a daily basis. The price that you pay at the time you place your order is correct and therefore we do not ask for any more money and we do not refund any money if the price changes. If you wish to take advantage of the new price, then you will need to cancel your order and place a new order at the lower price. If you have already received your order or your order is in transit, then you will need to view our returns policy to determine whether you are eligible to return the product.

When do we take payment

When you hit the submit button on the checkout form, we attempt to take payment from your credit/debit card. If for any reason this fails, when we have identified the reason why payment has not been authorized we will contact you. Even if we successfully take payment, we may contact you to obtain further information for security purposes.

Can I exchange the products I have purchased

Please click here to view our returns policy

Goods damaged in Transit

If for any reason your product is damaged in transit, then please view our returns policy, which will provide details about how to return a product. Please ensure that you provide as much information as possible.

The product ordered does not work

One of the more common reasons why modules do not work when installed is that they are not fully pushed home into the slot. If you can see the gold or tin teeth of the module when it is installed into the slot then you need to apply slightly more pressure when inserting the module. You can also view our install guides, which will help with the installation.

If the product still does not work then please click here to view our returns policy, which will include details of how to return a product.