Is it possible to open a 30-day credit account ?

If you are a business and wish to open a 30-day credit account then the following qualifying criteria applies. Please note that this does not apply to Government or Educational establishments. 

  • You must have accounts filed that will allow a credit check to take place.

If you are unable to meet the above criteria then you can obviously still purchase from us using one of the methods outlined in our payment section.

If you are a Government or Educational establishment then please email your requirements to and our team will be able to open an account for you immediately.

If you wish to open a 30-day credit account then please fill in the Account Application form below and email this to A member of our team will then be in contact with you.  This process normally takes no longer the 24hrs.

30 Day Credit Account

How can a local authority place an order?

If you would like to open a 30 day credit account then please please email your requirements to and our team will be able to open an account for you immediately.

Can you provide your bank details

Bank details are provided on your order confirmation email after you placed an order online and selected to pay by bank transfer. If you require a copy via email then please email and one of our team members will gladly forward these details to you.

Can I collect my order?

Unfortunately not. All of our products are held in a secure warehouse and therefore collection is not possible.

Customer Feedback

We encourage both positive and negative feedback. Whilst we receive a lot of positive feedback and strive to ensure that all aspects of our product exceed Customer expectations, we accept that on occasions problems occur and we welcome feedback on our website, products and Customer service.

If you wish to leave feedback regarding products please navigate to the exact item you ordered and you will be able to write a product review. 

If you would like to review our services the please either use the link sent through to your email to review us on Trustpilot alternatively please send your thoughts through to

Telephone Contact

As an Internet retailer, our objective is to offer a wide choice of memory products at great prices. In order to maintain this objective, we need to ensure that our business is managed as efficiently as possible. We have therefore created a comprehensive help facility that will answer the majority of Customer queries.

This approach we feel, provides you the Customer with immediate answers to the majority of queries and allows us to operate an extremely efficient Internet business. If you have an urgent enquiry, then you can obviously contact us via telephone using one of the numbers on our 'contact us' page.

Can I order from OFFTEK over the phone ?

Yes. You can find our contact telephone numbers on our Contact Us page, and our sales staff will be happy to take your order.

How can I contact OFFTEK?

For information on our contact details please see our Contact Information page.

Who are OFFTEK ?

For full information on OFFTEK please see our Company Profile page.

How do I enable cookies in my browser ?

From the menu on your Internet Browser, try clicking Tools on the menu and then Internet Options. Then select Privacy and slide the cookie settings to "Low" or "Accept All Cookies".