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How much memory will my server need?

The amount of memory that your server requires depends on a number of different factors. Firstly you need to understand a few important things so you can make an informed decision.

The role of the server

The purpose of the server is to support shared applications and resources and deploy these to individual computers using a network. Servers can be responsible for a wide range of different things including email, databases, websites, files, applications, remote access terminal services, collaboration and audiovisual content. Each of these tasks will demand specific data processing and storage requirements which will have a significant impact on the amount of memory that the drive space will require for the best performance. File servers are less resource intensive than video or audio resources for example because they demand less memory and a reduced amount of space.

Servers can never have too much ram memory or space for storage but often space and cost implications often place restrictions on how much memory you can have. The best option is to select the most suitable amount of ram that can be used so that your programs run easily and the system is fully operational.


Within your business, you will need to understand how many people will be accessing your server and what kind of tasks they carry out on a day to day basis. The more users that you have and the more tasks carried out the more memory that you will need. Servers which regularly exceed the available memory will see that the performance of the system will suffer considerably, slowing down or even halting the system completely. The amount of memory on a server will depend on the number of users that it can comfortably support and the number of applications that users can access simultaneously. Many business owners will assess the amount of storage that they need by assessing the amount of traffic based on the number of users or employees.

Demands on the Server

Demand is one of the main factors which will determine how much storage and ram memory you will require. The work that your employees will be carrying out is a fundamental consideration when you are assessing the level of memory that you need. Some businesses require more memory than others because their daily tasks are much more resource intensive. As an example, software developers or graphic designers will demand more storage space than a workforce who have to carry out routine administrative duties, working with word processing documents.

The more ram that a server has, the more efficient it will become and the speed at which employees or users can access information will be increased.

A server has a number of different functions and it can serve a variety of users so there are really no set guidelines on choosing the amount of memory that you will need. The more resource intensive the task, the higher number of users that you have will result in additional memory requirements so a good starting point is to determine who will be accessing the server and what they will be using it for.

The History of Netgear

Netgear Inc is a US-based multinational computer networking giant that has offices in over 25 different countries. With its headquarters based in San Jose, California, the company manufactures networking equipment for service providers, retail, businesses, and consumers.

The company routinely enjoys an annual revenue in excess $1bn, which is impressive for not least because of the fact that it is only 21 years old.

Networking Hardware
The Netgear product range is quite extensive and includes powerline and wireless ethernet devices that are known for their longevity and simplicity of use. Used to gain access to broadband services and achieve network connectivity, the electronics they produce are as varied as they are complex.

The company takes its products to market via more than 30,000 reseller sites around the world, of which most are retail locations.

The Netgear Product Range
AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router - Something of a flagship product, as the company primarily focuses on the business and home computer networking sector. Products in this category include a number of wireless and wired router technologies.

Netgear ProSAFE - Network switches used in the business sector, which are so reliable that the company offers a lifetime warranty, dependent on continued ownership by the buyer.

Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Firewall - An example of the network appliances offered by Netgear to the business sector. This category features wired/wireless VPN firewalls and managed switches.

NAS - The shortened form of Network Attached Storage equipment that it sells to consumers and small business, using the ReadyNAS brand. This is one of many storage hardware options offered by the company.

Network Security Cameras - Under the name ‘Arlo’, the company offers home security systems including CCTV.

Recent Security Concerns
Whilst the company has been one of the industry authorities in secure computer networking for many years, the company experienced a problem at the beginning of 2017. It was discovered that there was a weakness that could be exploited by a hacker logging on to the network wirelessly or over an ethernet connection to the router.

There were a number of routers affected, which Netgear responded to by issuing steps to add extra security measures and by offering a number of firmware updates to eliminate the problem.

This kind of problem is something of an occupational hazard for companies like Netgear and it was a trying time, but as a robust institution with over 20 years of experience in the business and a track record of evolving with the market, it will almost certainly be here in another 20 years time.

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