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Troubleshooting your SSD issues

If you have a laptop or desktop PC with a Solid State Drive (SSD) installed and it becomes really laggy and keeps rebooting, one of the things you must consider is that your SSD could indeed be faulty. Whilst SSDs are extremely robust and much less prone to issues than their HDD counterparts, they do occasionally go wrong. So, you need to know how to work out if this has happened. We offer you a few morsels of wisdom below.

Check the Ribbon Cable
A common factor with those SSDs that do go faulty is that it is often the connecting computer ribbon cable that is the defective element. As they get older, the performance of this type of cable will decrease and can reach the point where its optimum level of operation is compromised. This is largely due to the high bandwidth nature of SSDs when compared to older HDDs that use a much lower bandwidth and as a result place a much lower demand on the ribbon cable.

Eliminating The Possibility of a Faulty SSD
Your first step to locating the source of your issue is to eliminate the possibility of your SSD actually being faulty, which you can do by testing it in a second computer (if you have one). If it exhibits the same issue on a different machine, your SSD might just be on the fritz. 

A big indicator of a malfunctioning SSD unit would be if you were to experience errors when you try and format it. Another would be if there is no detection of the SSD in any computer it is installed in, which would mean that there is a high probability that a replacement SSD will be required.

If you’ve only recently purchased your SSD, we would recommend talking to the establishment that you bought it from to organise a replacement under warranty.

Possible Operating System (OS) Problem
When an OS becomes corrupt, it can manifest itself in a multitude of different ways, causing a multitude of different issues. From slow performance to crashing or experiencing loading errors, if your SSD’s possible issues aren’t the only problem your computer has, then it does start to point towards a malfunctioning OS. The only way to truly eliminate this as a possible source of the problem is to reinstall your OS, which must only be done after you’ve backed up all of your important data.

If this is the true cause of the problem, then reinstalling your OS will solve it. We hope that this helped solve your SSD issues.

The History Behind Infineon Technologies

The German manufacturer known as Infineon Technologies AG is a producer of semiconductor hardware and was brought into existence in April 1999. This occurred when Siemens AG (it’s parent company) was separated from it legally. Despite being part of a smaller organisation, the company was still of substantial size and it continued to grow over subsequent years. By the end of September 2016, its numbers had swelled to almost 37,000 across the globe and during that same year, it posted sales of just under €6.5 billion.

Based near Munich, the company produces semiconductor hardware and systems for the industrial, multimarket and automotive sectors, in addition to the security market and chip card users. Infineon is a global enterprise, with subsidiaries located in Tokyo, Europe, Singapore, California and locations across the Asian Pacific. The company also operates extensive research and development facilities in the UK, India, France, Romania, Singapore and Japan as well as manufacturing plants in Malaysia, China, India and Singapore.

The part of the company that deals with industrial applications produces semiconductors to be used in the creation, transmission, and use of electricity. Components created also get used in various mechanisms, like electrical drives and hardware used for the generation of renewable energy.

Infineon produces electronic components for use in automotive manufacturing and in powertrains, the part of an engine that deals with the transference of power to the surface of the road. Also manufactured is semiconductor hardware used in air conditioning, steering, airbags, shock absorbers and a whole array of vehicle systems.

CCS and Chip Card
Another example of its diverse portfolio of products lie in its expertise in the field of SIM card microcontrollers and chips widely used in bank cards, identity cards, passports and other governmental documents. It also has played a big part in the implementation an Identity cards scheme in Germany, providing millions of chips for their production.

Other sectors they manufacture for include encrypted services, like ‘pay per view’ TV and secure computing. This is a particularly profitable arm of the company, routinely generating revenues in the region of €1 billion per year.

Power Management
Infineon is also heavily involved in the production of semiconductor hardware for power management applications found in server power supplies, PCs, games consoles, LED lighting and a range of other consumer electronics. The company also has a hand in producing a number of components used in medical technology.

In recent years, the company has been in a slight state of flux, with the company both selling off its wireless solutions operation to Intel and attempting to acquiring Wolfspeed for $850 million, before the move was vetoed due to concerns relating to security.

 All in all, the company has a wide influence in global consumer and industrial electronics that looks certain to continue for many years to come.

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