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Your Memory FAQs Answered

We get lots of questions about RAM and whether you need to know about Sony memory, SSD Drives or DIMMs, we’ve got the answers you need. We’ll go into just a few of those for you now:

“Is memory referred to as RAM or DRAM?”

Both are one the and the same, as DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) is just one type of RAM. Random Access Memory (RAM) is an umbrella term that describes all types of volatile memory hardware in your laptop.

“So, what is SDRAM?”

SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) is another term that you’ll encounter when searching for memory for your laptop or PC. Whilst it is a current term that describes even the most up to date memory modules (e.g. DDR4 SDRAM), this is often shortened to DDR4, with the SDRAM part regarded as a given.

“What does my ‘RAM capacity’ mean?”

This refers to the total amount of RAM that you have in your laptop or desktop PC and is usually measured in Gigabytes. The more of this you have, the faster your computer will run and each motherboard will have a maximum amount that can be installed. Check your computer’s specifications for more details.

“What does ‘memory bandwidth’ mean?”

Much like memory speed, memory bandwidth is an important factor as it relates to the total amount of data each module can process simultaneously and as with most things relating to memory, the more the better!

“What is ECC?”

This is a term you’ll usually only have to concern yourself with if you have servers or certain applications. Error Correction Code (ECC) is a layer of data integrity that corrects corrupted data and is typically used in business where there is a very small or zero margin of error allowed, such as trading in stocks and shares.

“What does Latency mean?”

Memory Latency is the time it takes from a command being given by the user, to the moment it is executed. Typically speaking, the shorter this time is, the better it is for your laptop or desktop PC, as its processes will take less time to complete. The term ‘latency’ will often be accompanied by ‘CAS’, which is an abbreviation of Column Access Strobe.

The History of Medion Computers

Medion AG is a German producer of electronics for the consumer market in the US, Europe, Asia and Pacific regions. As well as notebooks and desktop PCs, the company manufactures tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, household appliances and TVs to the retail market via very specific retail marketing channels.

Now owned by Chinese computer giant, Lenovo, the company began life back in 1983 and it offers its products in the US and Australia exclusively through Super Billing Computers, Best Buy, and Aldi. In the UK, Medion computers have been available in major supermarket chains like Tescos, Sainsbury’s and Aldi.

Medion Computer Products in More Detail
The Medion brand is an ‘affordable’ one, rather than being at the ‘economy’ end of the market, but it also offers a range of high performance graphics cards, processors and data storage devices. According to their website, Medion’s ethos is to offer the best possible quality for the lowest price and it takes great pride in the services and products it provides for its customers.

Global Appeal, but German-centric
Whilst offering its services in 25 different international markets, the majority of Medion’s business activity still occurs within Germany’s borders. It holds a healthy share of the German market, which accounts for almost two thirds of the company’s annual revenue.

Backed By Lenovo Might
Since the 2011 acquisition of a controlling interest of Medion by Lenovo in 2011, Medion has been a publicly traded company with its HQ based in Essen, in Western Germany. It employs over 1,000 staff and whilst it has long since been seen as a minnow in the computer world, it is backed by the might of Lenovo, the largest supplier of PC hardware on the planet.

Gaming Line
Medion also offers an enhanced gaming experience with their affordable line of ‘ERAZER' gaming laptops and PCs. Featuring NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and powerful Intel i5 and i7 processors, their line of gaming machines are not too shabby at all.

The company is a well known for creating gaming PCs, but what sets them apart is they do so at less than a premium price. In addition to affordable gaming platforms, they also offer a range of gaming peripherals, including mouse and keyboard options. These products have allowed Medion (and their ERAZER brand) to become the biggest name in gaming computers in Germany.

Whether Medion ever enjoys this same status across the world remains to be seen, but with Lenovo’s power behind them, they have a chance.

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