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When and Why You Should Upgrade Your Memory

While computers are essential parts of our lives they can also be expensive. The steady progression of improvements in hardware means that software is designed for systems with ever better specifications. One reason that older machines can run slowly is because modern software is designed for more powerful systems. However, buying a new system can be expensive. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to upgrade your existing system, shoring up its weaknesses while saving a lot of money.

But I am a novice?

DDR4 Laptop Ram

DDR4 Laptop Ram

If you are inexperienced with electronics, a hardware upgrade can be daunting. However, because a computer stores memory on peripheral components that simply plug into the motherboard, even a beginner can do it. When upgrading RAM Memory, it is usually as easy as undoing a few screws, popping out the old, and putting in the new, with no tools other than a screwdriver required. The hardest part of upgrading your system will be ensuring that you buy a component that is compatible, and that will fit. This is where our Memory Configurator takes all the hard work out of the situation. Just locate the brand of your machine then your specific model and we will tell you what type of memory you can install in your machine and also how much memory your computer is able to take.

Computer freeze

Often if a computer is running slowly or applications are crashing, the problem is the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) that the computer has access too. Unlike a hard drive, which stores information more permanently, RAM holds all of the things that the computer is currently holding open and working from. When you open a new tab on the internet or a new document in word, all of the information for these processes is stored in memory. If the computer does not have enough RAM Memory, then you can see issues such as sluggishness or unresponsive programs. Thankfully, upgrading your RAM is easy and you can see instant results. Most modern computers will instantly make use of the additional space, and there will be an obvious performance difference in how your machine responds.

So, if you have an older machine that is in good condition but seems to be struggling, check how much memory it is using during normal operation. If you are using most of your memory on a day to day basis, then upgrading it can be the cheapest way to improve the performance of your machine. If you use it at all frequently, you will notice a difference.

Feel free to contact one of our memory specialists should you require more information on the memory you need for your machine.  Call one of our team on 01564 742064 today.


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