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Microsoft To Unveil Windows 10 Next Month

A new version of Windows may soon be released. According to an article published by TheVerge.com, Microsoft will unveil its Windows 10 operating system, the successor to Windows 8, next month.

Unnamed sources reportedly told TheVerge that Microsoft will attend the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as Las Vegas on January 6-9, during which Microsoft will offer a brief glimpse of Windows 10 to industry professionals. However, Microsoft is expected to host a separate event later in the month to unveil a “consumer preview” of Windows 10.

Microsoft had originally planned to unveil Windows 10 next spring, but sources claim the company is pushing its new OS for an earlier release.

Microsoft has a lot at stake with Windows 10, as Windows 8 has received mixed reviews from users. Some of the most common complaints among Windows 8 users include the default boot-to-Metro theme (users must take additional steps to access their desktop), and lack of a start button. Granted, benchmark tests reveal that Windows 8 is in fact faster than Windows 7, but the stark difference between the two discourages many users from upgrading.

So, what kind of changes can we expect to see in Windows 10? We still don’t know much about Microsoft’s upcoming OS, but we do know it will feature a revamped touch interface called Continium. PCWorld says Windows 10 is comparable to blending Windows 7 with Windows 8, easing the transition for pre-Windows 8 users. Rumors suggest that Windows 10 is cross compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox One gaming console.

Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows, unlocking new experiences to give customers new ways to work, play and connect,” said Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Operating Systems group at Microsoft. “This will be our most comprehensive operating system and the best release Microsoft has ever done for our business customers, and we look forward to working together with our broader Windows community to bring Windows 10 to life in the months ahead.”

Of course, you can always download and install the beta test version of Windows 10 if you aren’t willing to wait for the official release. Be warned, though, this is a test version for a reason: you can expect to find some bugs, vulnerabilities and broken features, some of which could pose a critical threat to your computer and its respective data. In other words, install the update at your discretion.

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