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HP’s Super Computer Expected To Debut In 2016

Hewlett Packard has taken a beating as of late, which is largely due to the transition from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets. With blazing-fast mobile devices like the HTC One (M8), Google Nexus 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S5, sales of desktops have declined over the past few years. However, HP is currently working on a new super computer that could revolutionize the desktop industry, attracting both consumers and businesses alike.

Dubbed “The Machine,” it will be first computer to use HP’s signature Memristor technology as opposed to standard transistors. How is this expected to impact The Machine’s performance? Memristor takes a different approach to the traditional architecture of the modern computer by merging RAM and solid-state storage into a single element. Computers typically have dynamic transistor-based RAM, along with a spinning storage disk. HP plans to consolidate these two components into one with its upcoming super computer.

According to news reports, HP has been working on The Machine for the past two years and the actual Memristor technology for the past five years. If The Machine works as expected, it will yield speeds 10 times faster than that of traditional computers. Additionally, The Machine will be smaller in size, more energy efficient, and perform certain server tasks better.

HP has that solution in The Machine. By discarding a computing model that has stood unchallenged for sixty years, we are poised to leave sixty years of compromises and inefficiencies behind. We’re pushing the boundaries of the physics behind IT, using electrons for computation, photons for communication, and ions for storage,” wrote HP on its website.

Being that The Machine is such a unique computer, it will require a different operating system than Windows. Business Insider reports that HP is working on a new operating system that’s optimized for The Machine’s unique components. The first version of the company’s upcoming OS, called Linux++, is expected to launch in 2015, giving developers time to familiarize themselves with it. The final version of the OS will be called Carbon. HP’s Chief Technical Officer Martin Fink said that computer operating systems have been stagnant for decades, and he plans to solve this issue with Carbon.

A working prototype of HP’s The Machine is expected to debut in 2016. There’s no word yet on an official price or launch date. You can check back with our blog for all of the latest news of The Machine and other tech topics!

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