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Who are Offtek?

Who are Offtek

OFFTEK was formed in January 1996 when the internet was just getting started. The Initial idea was to help consumers locate the correct upgrades for their machine with as little fuss as possible.  Keep it Simple was the phrase batted around the office from the designing of the websites to emailing customers. We understood that not everybody (ok nobody) really wanted to know how the clock cycles on a particular module would improve the performance. They just simply wanted a fast, easy, cost effective solution to speed up their PC. OFFTEK therefore found its niche and to coin a phrase, has gone from strength to strength.

How We have grown

Due to the explosion of the internet we quickly established ourselves as one of the UK’s premier memory distributors.  From humble beginnings we have quickly grown to become one of Europe’s largest online memory suppliers with sites in UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.  Our team has also grown with us and we are constantly looking for people with new and fresh ideas to join us in our fight for simplicity.

Where we want to be

Supplying only memory related products has allowed our team to become specialists in this area. We want to be able to share this knowledge worldwide and offer our simple solution internationally.

Meet the Management Team

Sarah Clements
Global Operations Director

Sarah is an original, joined OFFTEK in 2000 after doing her work experience at the company and was not allowed to leave. You name the roll and she has done it, playing key roles in developing both the warehouse and supply chain management systems. Having worked her way through the ranks she is now the driving force behind Offtek and is one of our most experienced employees.

– Goes Crazy over guitars
– Is the current Table Tennis champion of OFFTEK (not)
– Dreams of one day owning a ranch

Email –  sarah.c@offtek.co.uk


Chris Cooper
Technical Services Manager

Chris’s engineering degree has brought his exceptional technical knowledge to the world of memory and anything computer related. Our resident expert of the team loves nothing more then getting his teeth into the technical nitty gritty. Yawn, yawn I here you all say.

– Loves to game (can do a 360 no scope headshot!)
– Once met Kylie Minogue
– Is campaigning for our next premises to be closer to that famous Scottish restaurant (McDonalds).

Email –  chris.c@offtek.co.uk

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